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Do what you love, earn extra income, build a portfolio and get exposure.

Do you love to shop and try on clothes? Do you naturally share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? Are you dying for extra income while you build up your modeling career? Are you in LA? Are you entrepreneurial and want to get in on the ground floor of a hot new shopping experience?

We're Building Something Special; We're Just Getting Started; We Want You to Be A Part Of It!

PeekStyle is about showing people just how good an outfit can look, it is surfacing the aspiration and making it attainable. You will go to the stores you love, try on clothes, take pictures and share them. You are who everyone wants to be and wearing clothes and creating looks that everyone wants to have, once you show them.

In Return for Creating and Sharing the Best Peeks from the Best Stores; PeekStyle Models Enjoy


PeekStyle models are independent, you're your own boss, building your own brand. PeekStyle helps you engage with your audience in a way that also provides you financial independence.

Exclusive Revenue Sharing

We'll explain more about how it works below, but you'll take a cut of PeekStyle's referred sales revenue based on your participation.

Exposure & Recognition

Essentially you're publishing pictures that you or your friends take of you trying on clothes in stores. This is great exposure! As PeekStyle grows and lots of people see your pics and see others liking and commenting then you also get more and more exposure. Exposure that lasts and grows over time.

Experience & Feedback

Maybe you haven't quite found your favorite looks yet, or that special way posing that both resonates with you and with others. PeekStyle is about experimentation, try on clothes and try on looks! Share them and see how people respond, are they interacting with your looks or ignoring them? This is basically real world practice, a playground for you to refine your modeling brilliance.

Sign Up Through Google or Facebook and Then Fill In Your Profile.

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Publish A Peek in Just a Few Minutes

PeekStyle makes it very easy to share an outfit. A Peek is a peek at your style, a product or an outfit that you like in a particular way for a particular occasion. Simply try on an item and then:

  • Take up to three pictures at different angles or showing different details
  • Fill out a few details on the product that you're highlighting
  • Tap submit

Within a few hours one of our editors will have found the product on the store's website, completed the necessary details and approved your Peek to be published on and promoted. At that time you'll get a notification to go ahead and also post on your Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter profiles.

How Does PeekStyle Work?

Publish Your Favorite Styles as Peeks

You'll publish an outfit, a look that you think is amazing.

Women Fall in Love and Click Through to the Store

When someone finds your Peek inspiring they will tap or click on one of the images taking them directly to the retailer's website so that they may purchase the item(s).

PeekStyle Earns Commissions On Sales From the Stores

When the person completes their purchase we earn a sales commission.

A Percentage Of Those Commissions Are Paid to the Models

At the end of each month we will tally all the sales, and split the commissions earned between PeakStyle and each model. Each model's earnings will be dependent on sales activity attributable to that model's published peeks.

How Are Sales Attributed to Me?

When someone clicks your peek and purchases something, then a sale is attributed to you. If you share your Peek and bring your personal audience to PeekStyle and someone that you bring purchases something, then at least a portion of the sale is attributable to you.

Peek Publishing Details

Are My Peeks Automatically Accepted?

One of our editors will review your Peek to make sure it complies with our general guidelines and also to make sure that we can find the product(s) that you're wearing at the retailer's store. It is imperative that users are able to shop the same Peeks.

What Can I Publish?

Only publish timely pictures of you wearing the clothes you love, from the stores you love. Please avoid overtly sexual pictures. We want you to look your best, look sexy, provocative, but definitely avoid publishing any pictures that might be mistaken as pornographic.

How many Peeks can I publish?

Publish as many as you like! We don't currently have a cap, but a good number would be a couple per day, or up to a couple dozen per week.

What if someone else publishes Peeks just like mine?

That's okay! It is good for readers to see items on different models, using different perspectives, even if they are the same items. If this is happening a lot just try to add your own personal creativity to the poses and shots so that you stand out and help the products stand out as well.

Do I Keep The Rights to My Looks/Pics/Peeks?

You keep all of the rights to your pictures to use however you see fit. You also grant PeekStyle non-exclusive rights to use all information that you publish including your pictures.

What Rights Do I Grant PeekStyle by Submitting Peeks?

You grant PeekStyle non-exclusive and non-terminating (forever) rights to publish pictures, and all other information uploaded by you, in digital format on, our social channels, our partner channels and other distribution channels that we may develop in the future.

Why Non-Terminating Rights?

PeekStyle produces shoppable interactions and we need to make sure that we maintain the integrity of the shopping platform over time.

My Pictures are Posted Elsewhere, Can I Publish Them on PeekStyle?

This really shouldn't be the case. You should be creating original content for PeekStyle, all of the pictures that you post should be new, taken in the store while trying on the particular items. This ensures that the items are currently available and could be attained by our users.

How Good Do The Pictures Need to Be?

Just do your best; Take clear pictures with a modern smart phone. Try to include different angles and show as much detail as you can.

I Need to Cancel / Remove My Pictures From PeekStyle

To remove pictures please email [email protected] from your same account email address.

Sign Up Through Google or Facebook and Then Fill In Your Profile.

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